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Government Of Assam Finance Assam Infrastructure Financing Authority

What We Do

  • The society shall have the following main objectives :

    (a) Work towards the development of infrastructure, with a view to strengthening the support base for uninterrupted economic growth of the state of Assam.

    (b) Shall use its resources for the creation of major infrastructure projects in the State of Assam.

    (c) Undertake various projects and activities to serve the people of the state of Assam.

    (d) Undertake any other activity and /or project of general public utility.

    (e) Do all acts and deeds ancillary to attaining the main objectives mentioned hereinbefore.

    (f) Construct, purchase, acquire, take on the lease, hire, manage, maintain buildings, offices, stores, vehicles, plants and types of machinery, instruments, and apparatus otherwise acquire any movable or immovable property/properties, as may be necessary, for carrying out the objectives and purposes of this Society.

    (g)Buy/Sell the land and/or building already acquired, and to purchase other suitable sites in their place, if any, when so deemed expedient.

    ( h) Engage or employ persons or grant contract for carrying out one or more of its activities.

    (i) Generally, do all other things, acts and deeds as may be directly or indirectly conducive or incidental to the attaining of the objectives of the Society or any one of them.