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Myntriang Small Hydro Electric Project (MSHEP)

Myntriang Small Hydro-Electric Project (MSHEP) in Karbi Anglong District

The Myntriang River is one of the major tributaries of the river Barpani and originates from an elevation of 1078m. Before entering the plains, the river offers a drop of 280 m within a short distance passing through gorges and rapids. The MSHEP envisages utilization of these drops in two stages for optimum development of power potential of the river.

Myntriang Small Hydro-electric Project is sanctioned under funding from Assam Infrastructure Financing Authority for capacity enhancement of the originally sanctioned hydroelectric project from 9 MW to 13.50 MW for an estimated project cost of Rs.35.91 crores with Power Department as the Administrative Department and Assam Power Distribution Corporation Ltd acting as the implementing agency. 

Location: The project site is located in the KarbiAnglong district of Assam. It envisages utilization of 432 sq. km of the catchment area of Myntriang River in two stages. It is situated near Amtereng, headquarters of ongoing Karbi Langpi H.E. Project, which is 125 km away from Guwahati via Jagiroad. The nearest railhead is at Jagiroad 65km from the project site and Kampur is 50 km away from the project site.

Provision: MSHEP has a total capacity of 13.5 MW. The Hydroelectric project will be implemented in 2 stages :

Stage I : 3 x 3.0 MW (9MW)

Stage II : 3 x 1.5 MW (4.5MW)

Benefits and Impacts: Since there is an acute shortage of power supply in Assam, this small increase in the generation of electricity will contribute a lot to mitigate the problems faced by the general public. With the completion of the project, there can be a boost up of rural electrification, which will help in setting up of industries based on agriculture and forest product. This will provide ample employment opportunity to the local people resulting in the economic and social upliftment of the whole area. MSHEP is a small hydroelectric project with small structures. The project site has been so selected that erection of structures will require minimum deforestation and as it is a run-off the river project, the environmental and ecological balance of project area will not be disturbed. Provision is being made in the project for planting trees in roadside, around the weir site, canal reaches, colony area etc. This would not only improve hill slope condition but also enhance the scenic beauty of the area.