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Office cum Residential Complex at Majuli

Majuli is a major river island in the Brahmaputra River, Assam and in the year 2016, it became the first island to be made into a district in India. Previously, it had an area of about 880 square kilometres in the 20th century but having lost significantly to erosion it now covers 352 square kilometres as on 2014. The river surrounding it has expanded continuously and as a result, this river island has suffered tremendous loss in size. Majuli has been the cultural capital of Assamese civilisation since the 16th century; based on written records which describe the visit of Srimanta Sankardeva - a 16th-century social reformer to this river island. Sankardeva, a pioneer of the medieval-age neo-Vaishnavite movement, preached a monotheist form of Hinduism called Vaishnavism and established monasteries and hermitages known as Satras on various parts of the island.

Since Majuli has been made into a district, some important district-level infrastructure facilities are required to be created for various departments in Majuli. The Government had planned to construct an integrated office cum residential complex covering some important departments. To put this idea into action, a Phase I project has been approved under funding from the Assam Infrastructure Financing Authority in November 2017 with an estimated cost of Rs. 50 crores.  

The main components of this project are highlighted below :

1. Office building for the Deputy Commissioner, Food & Civil Supply Department and the Superintendent of Excise,

2. Officers’ quarters (  3 blocks, 12 Units), 

3. Grade III staff quarter ( 1 block, 8 units),

4. Grade IV staff quarter ( 2 blocks, 8 units),

5. Internal roads and 

6. Electrical power station.